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Ingram Law LLC and Attorney Joseph A. Ingram serve the entire state of Alabama and the entire southeastern region of the country when it comes to healthcare fraud defense cases. If you need healthcare fraud defense and you are looking for aggressive, experienced, and successful lawyers, call us at (205) 656-0044 to connect with our firm.

Mr. Ingram has more than 15 years of legal experience with a focus on defending clients against complex and high-stakes crimes, like healthcare fraud. We have the ability and skills needed to defend you against both state and federal prosecutors, and we have a long history of amazing case results, such as getting our clients’ charges dropped or reduced before a trial is even necessary.

If you are being investigated or have already been arrested for healthcare fraud, contact our firm now so we can begin formulating a rigorous defense of your rights.

Tenacious Prosecutions for Healthcare Fraud Cases

The federal government relentlessly pursues cases of healthcare fraud, wherever they may originate. Medicare fraud and healthcare fraud cases have been front page news and on-the-rise the last couple of years. This is particularly true under the current administration since the Affordable Healthcare Act became law regulating healthcare.

The crackdown on Medicare billing practices and all types of healthcare fraud has meant that more innocent people are being caught in the crossfire and being accused of crimes that they did not commit. Furthermore, in their zeal to look tough on crime, law enforcement investigators may trample your rights if you are accused of defrauding the government or a health insurance company. Specialized federal investigators with new technology on their side, may peer into every facet of your life to make a case against you.

People who have been targeted by healthcare fraud accusations include:

  • Medical professionals
  • Healthcare corporation executives
  • Healthcare employees and staff

Essentially everyone in the healthcare industry is in the line of fire, including individuals just like you. Legal protection is a must, and we can provide it. Call (205) 656-0044 as soon as you can.

Reacting to a Healthcare Fraud Investigation

If you are the target of an investigation, get Ingram Law and our Birmingham healthcare fraud lawyers on your side right away. Before you speak to law enforcement investigators, contact us and defend yourself before it is too late. Whether you are simply under investigation, have already been arrested, or even if you have already been convicted, we can advise you and protect your rights. We can even appeal your conviction and fight to have your sentence reduced if you have already been convicted, too.

Remember that time is not on your side, though. You need a skilled attorney as soon as possible. We will conduct an independent investigation on your behalf and begin a dialogue with the federal investigators to protect your rights. Ingram Law LLC has years of trial experience in healthcare fraud defense.

If you are the target of an investigation, we are well-equipped to defend your best interests in all cases of healthcare fraud including:

  • “Upcoding,”“unbundling,” and other forms of overbilling
  • Double billing to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance
  • Collecting for medically unnecessary treatments
  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Billing for “phantom” patients
  • Medicaid Part D fraud, like fake pharmacy orders to avoid the “donut-hole” in Medicaid
  • Kickbacks for patient referrals, or for prescribing particular pharmaceuticals
  • Cost report schemes, like inflating Medicare expenses and pocketing the overpayments.

Whether you are a surgeon, general practitioner, chiropractor, dentist, nurse, accountant, physical therapist, or hold any position in the healthcare industry or if you are a patient or recipient of healthcare benefits, you may be accused of fraud. If you have been charged with healthcare fraud or fear you may be targeted for an investigation, you need serious legal counsel that knows the fine details of your case, inside and out.

Contact our Birmingham criminal defense law office now by calling Attorney Joseph A. Ingram at (205) 656-0044. We strive to return all calls within 24 hours of receiving them. Initial consultations are FREE and confidential.

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