New Trial Requested for Mr. David Barrow

Mr. David Barrow didn’t receive a fair trial due to multiple elements of his case. Specifically, he was not given a mental evaluation, which is a gross injustice to the system due to his incompetence to stand trial.

In essence, Mr. Barrow should not have been allowed to deliver a guilty plea since he is not able to effectively communicate with his lawyers. The trial counsel also failed to move the location of the case, which led to a biased court and therefore eliminated any chance of our client receiving a fair trial.

We are glad to bring an effective counsel to our client, especially after his previous attorneys have admitted to not providing reliable advice.

A mental evaluation and a change of venue for the trial will be crucial in ensuring a fair case, and we intend to provide that for Mr. Barrow. The system and David Barrow’s former attorneys have failed him, and we aim to bring justice back into the trial.

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