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Criminal appeals in Alabama are time-consuming and complex matters. On appeal, your criminal appeals lawyer will need to order a copy of all pleadings and transcripts and review all documents in your case. It is not unusual to spend some 30-40 hours just reviewing the case in order to determine what issues are relevant for an appeal.

If you are seeking a criminal appeals attorney in Birmingham, Joseph A. Ingram at Ingram Law has extensive experience in appellate work before the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals and the Alabama Supreme Court. In most cases, a person will get only one chance before the Court of Criminal Appeals to have their case reversed and remanded for a new trial or sentencing. It is important to seek quality legal counsel that will review the trial record for all issues of appeal.

Additionally, it is not unusual for a client to ask for a second opinion regarding an appeal, just as you would ask for a second opinion from another doctor before you decide to have surgery. You deserve and should ask for a review of your case if you believe there were mistakes made during the process. Ingram Law can help you seek justice.

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You Have the Right to Appeal in Alabama

If you have been convicted of a crime – whether a misdemeanor or a felony offense – you may have lost hope and want to give up.

A conviction could result in:

  • The loss of your job
  • Sex offender registration
  • Loss of federal benefits
  • Loss of your rights to own a firearm or the right to vote

Remember: It is always your legal right to seek a review of a conviction. Good judges make mistakes, prosecutors make mistakes, and sometimes the result is just wrong. It is possible that the jury was wrong, the trial lawyer did not object to evidence, or the sentence you received was unreasonable. An appeal is a second chance to get it right.

The Criminal Appeals Process in Jefferson County

The criminal appeals process involves, first and foremost, discovering what went wrong at trial and what caused the unjust sentence or wrongful verdict.

Some of the typical causes of unjust trial results are:

  • Misconduct by the prosecutor
  • Mistakes by the defendant’s trial attorney
  • The trial court allowed improper prosecution evidence
  • The trial court excluded defense evidence which the jury should have heard
  • The trial court failed to consider factors in favor of a more lenient sentence

Any of these problems can justify a new trial or a new sentence – and you will want an experienced Birmingham criminal appeals attorney to review your case. Ingram Law has the knowledge, experience, skill, and credibility before the state appeals courts in Alabama. You can count on our team to fight for justice on your behalf.

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