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Professional License Defense Attorney in Alabama

Do You Have a Professional License and Got Charged with a Crime?

If you are convicted of a crime or even if you are simply accused of wrongdoing and you hold a professional license, you may need skilled legal counsel to protect your freedom and your livelihood. Protect your license to practice medicine, law, teaching/education, stock trading, dentistry, dental hygiene, pharmacy, and chiropractic.

Defending your career and your credentials may require rigorous defense. You may have spent the better part of your life earning your degree and practicing your specialized career. Now your dedication to your profession may be questioned by accusations of wrongdoing. You may face a wide variety of charges that could lead to a loss of your professional license or certificate.

Depending on your profession, you could face charges related to the following:

  • Mishandling prescriptions
  • Malpractice
  • Sexual misconduct or child molestation
  • Medicare and Medicaid and other healthcare fraud
  • Violating professional ethical standards
  • Causing patients, students, or investors harm
  • Internet crimes including possession of illegal pornography
  • Substance and alcohol abuse
  • Providing misleading or false information
  • Tax fraud and tax evasion
  • Wrongfully accused of inappropriate sexual relations with a student

If you are a dentist, dental hygienist, chiropractor, pharmacist, teacher or educational professional that is facing an allegation of improper conduct, seek counsel before making any statement to any authority. It is your right to have counsel present before you make any statements or answer any questions. It does not make you look guilty to protect yourself.

If you are involved in a legal conflict that threatens your license, contact us now for the type of legal guidance and aggressive defense you need.

Protecting the Rights of Teachers & Education Staff

Attorney Joseph Ingram of Ingram Law LLC recently earned his Master’s Degree in Education which enhances his ability to vigorously defend classroom teachers and education professionals in the State of Alabama. Mr. Ingram had the opportunity to see first-hand that some teachers are wrongfully accused of misconduct in a school setting. You may be facing criminal charges and false accusations of a sex crime.

The allegations could involve the potential loss of your career, the loss of your teaching certificate and damage to your reputation in the community. You could even face potential prison time and have to register as a sex offender the rest of your life.

Students making false allegations against classroom teachers are this is on the rise in public schools in Alabama. Unfortunately, a student may want to get back at a teacher, they make false allegations as an act of retaliation against their teacher, as well as a principal or even custodial staff in the school.

Hire a Birmingham criminal attorney that knows what it is like to be in a classroom and has the ability to defend you in your time of need against wrongful accusations.

Chiropractic License Defense Attorney

The Alabama State Board of Chiropractors administers and governs the practice of chiropractors with very strict provisions.

Some chiropractors find themselves accused of the following:

  • Illegally prescribing drugs
  • Performing X-rays without authorization
  • Administering treatments that are not authorized
  • Malpractice from misdiagnosis
  • Harming patients
  • Insurance fraud and health care fraud
  • Practicing without a proper certification or educational degree

The number of violations can be endless. Our defense strategies are nearly endless as well. No matter the trouble you face, we can help you. Our firm has focused much of my legal practice on helping people just like you.

When it comes to chiropractic advertising regulations, many of our chiropractor clients find themselves deep in legal trouble due to violations of advertising standards. The Alabama State Board of Chiropractic Examiners regulates the advertising of chiropractic services.

The language in the advertising must be extremely specific. Misinterpretation can leave chiropractors open to lawsuits and open to violations of the Alabama advertising standards. If you are being investigated or have been charged with an advertising violation, do not hesitate to seek our legal help.

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We understand the serious consequences in your case. We have helped countless people keep their professional licenses. We can help you. If you are the subject of a dental board, pharmacy board, chiropractic board, school board, education/teacher investigation, Attorney Joseph A. Ingram can defend your license to practice.

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