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Birmingham Misdemeanors Attorney

What are Misdemeanors?

Misdemeanors are crimes that can result in sentences of up to one year in jail. At Ingram Law, our Birmingham misdemeanor attorney defends clients facing charges for traffic violations, drug crimes, and a wide variety of other misdemeanors. Our firm has represented countless clients in municipal courts throughout the State of Alabama.

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor crime, call (205) 335-2640 to discuss your case with Attorney Joseph Ingram.

Types of Misdemeanor Offenses

In Alabama, certain criminal offenses are classified as misdemeanors. Although misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, it is best to avoid any criminal record. Even a short time in jail can disrupt your education, employment, future career opportunities, relationships, and other aspects of your life.

We represent clients charged with misdemeanors such as:

  • Seat belt violations
  • Child restraint violations
  • Speeding
  • Running a stop sign
  • Reckless driving
  • Commercial tickets
  • Failure to provide car insurance
  • Domestic violence 3rd degree
  • DUI or public intoxication
  • Possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia

Our team is committed to providing personal attention to our clients, so you will always be updated about the status of your case. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to advocate for your rights in misdemeanor cases.

Exercise Your Right to an Attorney

Always keep in mind that you do not have to give a statement to law enforcement without having a lawyer present. If you are arrested, ask for a Birmingham misdemeanors attorney before answering questions or giving a statement to protect your rights. Our firm can help you decide the best way to proceed in your case and work to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process.

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What Makes Ingram Law Unique?

  • Proven Results

    Attorney Ingram is a Former District Attorney and has a successful track record.

  • Accessibility

    We are here for you.  Attorney Ingram will travel to you.

  • Experience

    Attorney Ingram is a proven trial attorney with years of experience.

  • Availability

    We are always available to take your call. Contact us 24/7.

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