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Ingram Law, LLC offers steadfast defense for people in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida charged with the serious crimes of tax evasion and tax fraud. You have the constitutional right to have legal counsel present whenever you discuss accusations, charges, or potential criminal violations. With our Birmingham tax evasion attorney guiding your case and acting on your behalf, you can be confident that you never misspeak and say something that makes you look guilty of tax crimes.

Whether you are being accused as an individual or a representative of a business, call our office at (205) 335-2640 before you give any statements to a federal agent.

Why Choose Ingram Law, LLC?

Attorney Ingram is ready to take on your case because:

  • We have represented clients for tax fraud and tax evasion with success
  • Attorney Ingram is a leading white collar criminal defense lawyer
  • We represent clients in multiple states, including Alabama, Georgia, and Florida
  • We can hire tax specialists or forensic accountants to further empower your defense

No matter which federal agency is investigating you — it may be the IRS, state tax board, the FBI, the SEC, or the Department of Justice — we have the skill, a background in accounting, experience, and the resources to defend you against all opponents and against any charges. Do not risk your freedom, your property, your finances, or the loss of your professional license due to tax crime charges. Stand up for your rights with us by your side!

IRS Audits & Tax Crime Accusations

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) usually only audits 1% of all federal tax returns. Sometimes a specific portion or all of a tax return may need to be explained in further detail, or a line item expense is singled out for auditing. While auditing is not the same as a criminal accusation, it often leads to charges due to an honest mistake. The situation will be all the more severe if the IRS or another investigating agency believes you intentionally tried to commit illegal evasion or fraud.

Some accusations you may be facing in your tax crime case include:

  • Intentionally assisting or aiding someone else in making a false or fraudulent tax return
  • Failing to pay taxes
  • Removing or concealing any goods or commodities with the intent of fraud
  • Committing tax fraud in relation to compromises and closing agreements
  • Mortgage fraud and related accusations of tax fraud
  • Sheltering taxable income from the IRS
  • Money laundering charges that may be related to tax evasion or RICO investigations

There are many ways to legally reduce or avoid taxes. Some people are accused of a serious tax crime when they have actually followed all legal channels as needed. Even when you are confident you have not committed tax fraud or evasion, though, you need to make certain you can prove it in court. Otherwise, you could be convicted all the same.

Act Fast When Accused of Federal Crimes

The IRS does not slow down when conducting audits and tax crime investigations. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can create a defense for you. No matter the stage of your case, our tax fraud attorney in Birmingham can provide you with unrelenting assistance.

You can even contact us if you have not yet been accused or charged with any crimes, only targeted by an investigation. We can also help with appeals if you were already convicted.

What Makes Ingram Law Unique?

  • Proven Results

    Attorney Ingram is a Former District Attorney and has a successful track record.

  • Accessibility

    We are here for you.  Attorney Ingram will travel to you.

  • Experience

    Attorney Ingram is a proven trial attorney with years of experience.

  • Availability

    We are always available to take your call. Contact us 24/7.

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