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Keep Your Business on Track for Success

It is an unfortunate reality of life in America today that disputes – and even litigation – are a necessary part of owning or running a business. When disputes arise, they can distract your business from its goals and hurt the heart of your business in the short and long term.

Business matters require lawyers who have a deep understanding of Alabama business laws and know how to apply them to your specific matter. At Ingram Law, our Birmingham business attorney takes a personal approach to each case. Our experience and dedication are the keys to your case’s success.

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Handling All Kinds of Business Cases

Most business disputes involve some issue related to money or property rights. Whether your dispute is between business partners or bosses and employees, you will want a skilled attorney by your side to mitigate risk and protect your business’s best interest.

Business disputes often arise due to:

  • Breach of contract
  • Sale of stock in a private company
  • Mergers and acquisitions of a company
  • Enforcement of a non-compete clause
  • Injunctions to enforce intellectual property rights
  • Trademark infringement

At Ingram Law, we have handled many types of business claims. We represent a number of small independent business owners that have legal needs involving contracts, business agreements, and employee-related matters.

Why You Need a Business Lawyer in Jefferson County

It is crucial to have a Birmingham business lawyer handling your disputes who is equipped and experienced to handle all of your business’s legal needs. At Ingram Law, we handle all aspects of business law, from the initial formation of the corporate entity through transactions and contracts, disputes over those contracts, and other routine and emergency disputes and litigation.

When you are just getting your business started, we can provide advice about which type of business entity you may want to establish. Our team can prepare the documents for incorporation and help plan your business goals.

High-Quality Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Ingram Law also enjoys working with new companies and watching them grow to be successful endeavors. We understand all aspects of your business and can help you to create a litigation strategy. We can then tailor your litigation strategy to your business as a whole, helping you to not only survive the dispute but to thrive through it.

Depending on the nature of the dispute and what you hope to achieve, your goals in litigation will be different. For example, if the dispute is with a long-term customer or supplier, you may wish to preserve the relationship and goodwill after the dispute, making settlement the better option.

It is important, however, to prepare the case as if it will go to trial. Preparing a case for trial shows that you are serious and enhances your settlement position for a favorable result. Experienced business dispute lawyers in Birmingham understand these realities and can help you prepare for trial while maintaining cordial relations that can support a long-term relationship.

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