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Although drug arrests do not always make the news headlines, a drug charge can have a significant outcome in your life. A drug conviction can lead to the loss of your driver’s license, your job, and/or your ability to carry a firearm in the future, not to mention severe fines and possible jail time. At Ingram Law, our Birmingham drug crime lawyer represents Jefferson County residents charged with possession, distribution, and other offenses related to controlled substances. Our team works aggressively to get charges dropped or reduced whenever possible.

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Rising Drug Charges

The number of people being charged with drug crimes has been on the increase since 1980. Illegal possession of prescription medications, heroin and cocaine trafficking, and other drug-related charges have increased every year since 1980. There is little incentive for law enforcement officials and politicians to reconsider drug sentencing guidelines or drug laws; the country remains supportive of “tough-on-crime” stances even when those stances lead to an unfair justice system.

The Cases We Handle

If you have been accused of a drug crime, the best defense is a strong criminal defense lawyer whose priority is protecting your rights and upholding the United States Constitution. At Ingram Law, our Birmingham drug crime attorney remains committed to protecting Jefferson County residents from harsh sentences and unfair convictions.

Ingram Law has represented people charged with a wide range of drug crimes, including drug possession, conspiracy, importation, distribution, and trafficking. We want to help you with what may seem like the darkest hour of your life.

We can represent you if you have been charged with any of the following:

  • Marijuana possession, distribution, cultivation, importation, and trafficking
  • Cocaine and crack powder possession
  • Methamphetamine (crystal meth) manufacturing, selling, and distribution
  • Heroin possession and importation
  • LSD possession and manufacturing
  • Ecstasy (MDMA) possession
  • Prescription drug possession without a valid prescription

How We Can Help You

The good news for a person charged with a drug crime in Alabama is that the law offers you a number of potential protections. These include defenses related to the manner in which the police came to find the drugs that you are alleged to have possessed or distributed.

Drug cases often come down to questions about whether the police were authorized under the law to search you, your car, or your home.

That authorization depends on whether:

  • They had a warrant
  • Other evidence gave them a reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe a crime was being committed
  • Other exigent circumstances were involved

The bottom line is that a person facing a drug charge in Alabama should seek the counsel of a seasoned Birmingham criminal defense lawyer to explore these and other issues.

With more than a decade of experience fighting for people charged with drug possession and distribution, Ingram Law guides clients through the legal process with compassion and care. We are dedicated to keeping clients informed of their rights and options at every step of the way.

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