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Civil appeals are complex legal matters that require knowledge and experience above a typical legal case. At Ingram Law, our Birmingham civil appeals attorney has that experience and a proven track record of successful appeals. Ingram Law provides a team approach and dedication to seek a successful outcome in your case.

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What Is a Civil Appeal?

A civil appeal is the process of having your case reviewed after a trial. A civil appeal can involve cases related to divorce matters, business disputes, and workers’ compensation litigation.

Losing a civil case can be a demoralizing experience. The case itself may lead to stress, worry, and expense. Filing a civil appeal with our team can correct the problems from the lower court and allow you to obtain justice.

Seek Fresh Counsel

When filing a civil appeal, one of the most important decisions you can make is your choice of counsel. It is often crucial to hire a new appellate attorney to handle your appeal. The trial lawyer may have done a great job for you at trial but did not win the case. Sometimes it is better to have a new lawyer give you a fresh perspective on the case – and that is where we come in.

At Ingram Law, we start by reviewing the:

  • Evidence
  • Trial transcript
  • Pleadings

From there, our team will determine the best possible way to present issues and legal arguments on appeal.

What Makes an Effective Appeal?

Presenting an appeal also often means identifying and confronting the things that went wrong at trial. In some cases, we review for any mistakes that were made by the trial attorney. It is far easier for a new appellate attorney to do this than it is for the original trial attorney to identify and attack his or her own mistakes on appeal.

In addition, civil appeals are very technical and are subject to many specialized rules. Choosing counsel with appellate experience, who knows the tendencies of the Alabama Appellate Judges and the way they view the law, can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

Our Birmingham appellate attorney has argued before the Court of Civil Appeals and his advocacy has resulted in a published opinion in both federal and state appellate courts. If you are considering appealing the decision in your civil case, Ingram Law has the knowledge, experience, and skill to effectively present your case. Our team will work tirelessly to protect and preserve your rights.

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